Repurposed, recycled, reimagined. Our handcrafted Jewelry is designed and composed using organic materials sourced from various parts of the US. More than just a set of arbitrary numbers, 2322 pays homage to our leniage and inspiration, Sun Gallery Goldsmith's of Washington DC. Amber Mimz, creator and designer of 2322, is the daughter of Goldsmith Jamel Mims. "Having parents as business owners and an artist for a father has truly shaped my love of design" says Mimz. Hoping to continue the legacy stared by the family in the 80's in Washington, DC, 2322 takes the old and unused and makes it new. Infusing the use of materials like genuine leather, organic fur, cotton, yarn and mixing them with treated metals, plastics and other non- harmful materials to create uniquely modest designs. Originating in Los Angles, CA the brand is currently crafted at Studio Twentythree22 in Washington, DC Mimz' hometown garnering interest from conglomerates like Whole Foods to your local eclectic shopper.  

To visit the studio and shop by appointment feel free to email 2322designs@gmail.com or visit us during open studio events at 2208 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE Washington DC 20020.